Participant of Retail Design Awards 2021: GRAND PETROL gas station complex in Kyiv


Retailers, an independent online media, has announced a competition for the best design for Retail Design Awards 2021. In the “Store of the week” section, they published applicants for the award, and, in particular, our project — a store at the GRAND PETROL gas station – is already among them.

This is one of the first Kyiv gas stations of a complex format, including a full-fledged store and a kitchen. In the spring of 2020, the GRAND PETROL brand underwent a complete renovation, and the sales hall underwent a redesign.

The design of the 120 sq. m sales hall focuses on functionality and zones:

  • atypical commercial equipment;
  • an open checkout area that immediately sets up a visual contact with customers and highlights premium products in the checkout area;
  • special accents on the brand showcase with Mercedes-Benz and Ducati products;
  • a comfortable cafeteria area that is designed for both quick snacks and meetings.

The cozy atmosphere at the GRAND PETROL filling station complex is mainly provided by combined lighting. Linear lamps create a pleasant overall impression, while special accent spotlights highlight individual products on the shelves and add more luxury to the store.

Проєкт від Nova Light для Grand Petrol

Проєкт від Nova Light для Grand Petrol