New projest: lighting for the WOG Gas Station (Kyiv, Sevastopol Square 5)


The implementation period — December 2022

Services included in the project


  • External lighting on supports
  • Internal lighting of the trading hall
  • Cafe area
  • Bathrooms
  • Internal technological and utility rooms

Project assignment

Creation of modern, bright and comfortable lighting for the restyling of the Gas Station Network

Increasing the conversion and average receipt of related products of the trading hall and cafe

Integration of light environment and lamps in a new design

Characteristics of the light scene of different zones and the lamps used

Outdoor lighting and areas on supports

Illumination level 40-50 lux

Luminaires – NL Series J

Lighting of the trading hall

The level of illumination on the goods located on the racks and in the cash register zone — 1600-1800 lux

Lighting in the aisles of the trading hall – 600-880 lux

The light temperature is 3000K

Spectra – Premium White, Food Premium Red


  • NL Series N
  • NL Series L
  • NL Series Q

Освітлення торговельного залу

Cafe lighting

The level of illumination at the cafe tables — 500-600 lux

The level of illumination in the passages and on the floor — 150-250 lux

The light temperature — 3000K

pectra – Premium White


  • NL Series Q

Освітлення кафе

Bathroom lighting

Illumination level 200-300 lux

Light temperature — 3000K

Spectra – Premium White


  • NL Series U

Lighting of technological and utility rooms/strong>

Illumination level 500-600 lux

The light temperature — 4000K


  • MITZ S212

Освітлення технологічних та підсобних приміщень