People Chemistry Lab at RAU Expo-2020. Video


What is retail nowadays? This is no longer a set of shelves and products. The buyers come to the store not just to buy something, they come for impressions and a new reality. And impressions are the perception of space, multi-sensory in every contact with the brand and retail space. And in this, the light plays the role of a magic wand, which makes the space open up and shine with hospitality. That is why this year we dedicated our stand at RAU Expo 2020 to the chemistry of the relationship between retailers and customers and the role of light in this process.

The best Ukrainian practitioners, who managed not only to create a new unusual format of the store, but also to build strong long-term relationships with the buyer due to the atmosphere, were invited to the discussion, which was called People Chemistry Lab. Maybe you are also a fan of these brands: the unique fascinating Planeta Kino or Silpo, where love for the client is felt in every corner. Refined techno charm of Allo, or MYplay, which is really more than a children’s store! How People Chemistry Lab was held – in our short inspiring video clip.

By the way, our partner and co-organizer of discussions (the constant one for many years) at RAU Expo — publication about retail