Salateira Dubai

Salateira is an international chain of fast-healthy restaurants with the principle of free choice of ingredients and a unique opportunity to combine products to your taste.

Total area: 265 m²


Salateira restaurant has successfully implemented a unique dynamic lighting system that provides 7 different light scenes to create comfort for visitors throughout the day. The system also provides two technical stages for light and general cleaning. The system works autonomously, and switching of light schemes occurs in automatic mode.

This lighting system provides one establishment with 5 restaurant concepts for different occasions. It includes the following light scenes: light morning awakening (breakfast 08:00-12:00), stimulation (lunch 12:00-15:00), energy conservation (late lunch 15:00-17:00), light rest (dinner 17:00-20:00), lounge relax (late dinner, evening cocktail 20:00-23:00). The equipment in the restaurant supports all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay – the pulsation coefficient is below 3%, the color rendering index is above 90%, the level of illumination and color temperature simulate the appropriate time of day.

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