ESTRO (Kyiv, Shopping Mall “Prospect”)

ESTRO is a young, ambitious European footwear and accessories brand. The brand gained special favor from buyers in Eastern Europe. The main goal of the founders of the brand is to give their fans not just a product, but something more – to create a mood. Pleasant emotions and the mood of the client are the main inspirations in the work of the ESTRO team and what sets the brand apart and makes it unique among others.

Engineering Company “Nova Light” successfully completed the lighting reconstruction of the ESTRO store in “Prospekt” shopping center, Kyiv.

Total area: 129 m²


Equipment: metal halide accent lighting spotlights NL SPOT HF from EC “Nova Light”

Showcase lighting level: 2200 lux

Lighting level of the checkout area: 600 lux

Light level on the product: 1500 – 1800 lux

Level of illumination of passages: 800-900 lux

Light color temperature: 3000 Kelvin

Color Rendering Index: 94

R9 ratio: 96

Light flux pulsation coefficient: 2.8%

Light sources: MG CDM-T Elite lamps

With the help of a 3D tour, you can carefully look, understand and evaluate the entire lighting system, which harmoniously integrates the design solution and marketing positioning of the store. Author: Nickolay Omelchenko

Other implemented projects (ESTRO stores):

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