25th Baby Products Exhibition BABY EXPO 2021


On March 12th, the anniversary exhibition of baby products was held. The head of the Nova Light Company, Volodymyr Klychanovskyi, was a guest expert who answered the question that concerned all parents and retailers: “Who is the main person in the store: parents or children?»

“The process of rational thinking is secondary. What is considered a deliberate logical decision is more often dictated by emotion. Therefore, it is the emotion that is primary when choosing a store or product for both children and adults.

But the emotions on the trading floor when choosing toys are different. The child has excitement and activity, while the parents have stress and irritability. When choosing a lighting concept, a retailer needs to solve two tasks simultaneously: balance the child’s activity and give parents a break.

To keep parents in the sales hall for as long as possible, you need areas with muted soft light. And to interest the child, you need to make the space itself visually interesting, fill it with different colors, apply light zoning, and then the process of buying and interaction “parent-child- retailer” will become as comfortable as possible.”

Baby Expo 2021